Create Reciprocity.

Stop trying to make customers loyal to YOU.
Instead, you be more loyal to THEM.

We help companies grow by reinventing customer loyalty to their brand.

We call it the loyalty inversion –  a mindset, and then a methodology –  that turns the traditional idea of customer loyalty upside-down. That’s because we believe retaining customers is more important than acquiring new ones.

We can boil this approach down to one word…. reciprocity.

Let’s create reciprocally-beneficial relationships with your customers.

Applying our suite of tools and methods to improve loyalty among existing customers is what helps acquire new ones, including:

Customer Equity Score

A 50-point process evaluating customer experience and reciprocity.

Loyalty Inversion Diagnostic

Evaluates customer perceptions of your loyalty to them.

Customer Data Clinic

Predictive analysis of your customer data, transforming it into actionable insights and immediate outcomes.

Customer Recovery

Tools and methods for winning back lost customers.

Loyalty Program Reinvention

The evolution and/or disruption of your existing loyalty program.

Inversion Mindfulness Training

Establishing internal cultural and process capabilities.

Clients often ask

“Why aren’t we getting more customers?

Why are we losing customers?”

At Loyal Lab, we make the intangible… tangible.

Retention matters:

The average cost of acquiring a new customer is five times the cost of retaining an existing one. And the purchase probability of existing customers far exceeds that of new ones. Fundamentally, a small increase in retention leads to a dramatic increase in profits.

The Loyal Lab framework provides you:

  • A roadmap to reciprocity and loyalty between you and your customers.
  • Data-driven personalization methods that reward and retain your existing customers.
  • Identification and development of emerging technologies to help future proof your brand.

  • Implementation of solutions to the brand damaging gaps and challenges of your customer experience arc (we like to get our hands dirty).
  • An international, cross-matrix panel of experts to reinvent your loyalty program and/or disrupt your industry at large.


We invent ways to ensure your brand experience meets your brand promise and builds customer loyalty.

We find and fix the gaps in your customer journey to create raving fans.









About Us…

We believe there is enormous revenue opportunity in thinking differently about loyalty. It all comes down to building reciprocally beneficial relationships with your customers, making them raving fans of your brand.



Co-Founder & CEO
I am a global brand loyalty, transformation and engagement executive, with over 20 years of experience based in three different countries. I?ve helped transform companies and brands such as: Whirlpool, McDonalds, United Airlines, Corona, Porsche and Baxter.


Co-Founder & COO
For brands to win in the future, I see community as the primary driver that leads to the ultimate prize: loyalty. I?ve worked around the globe on a variety of loyalty and experience related projects – from conceptualizing resort-residential communities, to strategic studies for the US Air Force and startups too.

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Let’s create reciprocally-beneficial relationships with your customers.

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